The Fab Four of Eurania, pt. 2

In our previous post, we sat down with Morgan Teggo, Otho Ennuk, Lon Prowzi, and Rayna Choff, officers in the Imperial military, and the protagonists of “The Ruler of the Galaxy.” Here is the conclusion of that interview conducted by The Galactic Times with the Fab Four of Eurania.

GT-Q4. Morgan and Rayna, let’s talk about your relationship.

Rayna: Oh no. [laughs]

GT-Q4a. Yes, that’s the next question. So, what is it like for you two, having a mobile, long-distance relationship?

Rayna: You answer. You’re the man.

Morgan: Well, it’s alright. We both have our jobs, and we keep in touch, using the comm-bands. So, yeah, we all know the interstellar comm-windows are very unpredictable. We can go for weeks without receiving each others’ messages. When that happens, we both just keep sending, and when the window opens, we both get an avalanche of messages. A bunch of ‘Are you there?’ That sort of stuff. [everyone laughs]

Rayna: On the one hand, it’s reassuring to know that we’re both safe and secure onboard our ships. But, it is harder to actually see each other.

Morgan: Right. For example, if Rayna was a civilian, I could always go home to visit her when I’m on leave. But, since she’s deployed somewhere, I can’t. I don’t think we’ve been together more than two or three occasions in the last two years.

Rayna: Two.  You’ve lost count, already?

Morgan: [sighs] Yeah, it’s hard to talk about private or personal matters if we can’t get together; you don’t want to use the comm-bands for things like that.

GT-Q5. Morgan, any complications on the job from the fact that you’re dating your Captain’s only child?

Morgan: No, not really. Captain Choff is my commanding officer, and I follow his orders, like everybody else. He isn’t any harder or easier on me because of Rayna.

Otho: [coughs]

Morgan: Yes?

Otho: Not too much harder, eh?

GT-Q5a. Any thoughts on that, Rayna?

Rayna: I’m just glad I’m on a different ship. [everyone laughs] Seriously, my father has always been very protective of me, but especially so after my mother passed away. I think it would be very difficult for him to have both of us under his command. [looks at Otho] That’s all I’m going to say about that.

GT-Q6. Lon, given your background, do you think there is any conflict between your beliefs and serving in the military?

Lon: No, serving in the military is an honor; the priests of the temple share this same view. It helps that we’ve been at peace for half a century, so we’re not actually killing anybody.

Morgan: May I? We’ve seen Lon grow so much in the years that we’ve known him, it’s like he’s a new man.

Otho: True. Lon could hardly handle a blade at the academy; now he’s one of us.

Morgan: Sometimes, the three of us are on bridge duty at the same time. Those are the best of times.

Lon: There’s a lot more to serving in the military than just the fighting. There are abstract values, such as loyalty, and the desire to achieve a common goal.

Rayna: Well said.

GT-Q7. Do any of you ever discuss politics?

Morgan: Nah.

Otho: I don’t think we’ve ever brought the subject up. Kind of funny.

Lon: We’re all loyal to the Emperor.

Morgan: Of course, he’s the Alscrasian monarch! We wouldn’t support the Prince of Bexel,…

Rayna: No, we wouldn’t.

Morgan: Or the Supreme Dictator of Heron,…

Otho: Bad!

Morgan: Or the Grand Primai of the Gearmlian Confederation.

Lon: She’s kind of scary-looking.

Morgan: And the Chancellor of Sestia supports the Emperor.  So, there.  We’ve just discussed politics.

Otho: There’s a first time for everything.

GT-Q8. Here’s a fun question. How would you describe each other, today?

Otho: Do we have to?

GT-Q8b. Yes, you do. Let’s start with Morgan. How would you describe Morgan, today?

Lon: A good friend.

Otho: Never takes second to anybody.

Lon: A good leader by example.

Otho: A softie. Very protective of those he cares for, I mean.

Lon: A good fighter.

Otho: He’s improved his demeanor. I think the Captain’s noticed, a little.

GT-Q8c. Rayna – you haven’t suggested anything, yet.

Rayna: Hmm. Not necessarily the brightest bulb, but very caring, especially to me. I always know I’m safe with him.

GT-Q8d. Okay, let’s turn the table, now. How would you describe Rayna, today?

Otho: Too good for Morgan. [laughs]

Lon: Tough, strong, especially on the inside.

Morgan: Sometimes too tough for her own good. Too stubborn.

Otho: Ah, the truth comes out, now.

Morgan: [sighs] I guess she’s also smarter than me.

Lon: A good teacher. Very patient, a good listener, when the student’s frustrated.

GT-Q8e. Lon?

Rayna: A good friend, very loyal.

Otho: A hard worker. He’s come a long way in a very short time.

Morgan: This is often unnoticed, but Lon’s multi-talented. He’s like a utility person, able to do all different tasks. I’ve noticed.

Rayna: You should open up, more, let us know what you’re thinking.

Morgan: He will.

GT-Q8f. Finally, Otho.

Morgan: A rock.

Otho: What?

Morgan: In a good way, I mean: dependable, consistent.

Rayna: I don’t think people realize what a huge void would exist if Otho wasn’t there, doing what he does everyday.

Morgan: Like I said, a rock.

Lon: He reminds me a little of Mr. Lendus, our exec, just a younger version. And a good friend.

Otho: Thanks.

GT-Q9. Okay, let’s change things around a little bit. Each of you gets to ask a question of the others, as if you were me. Go ahead.

Morgan (to Rayna): How about dinner, tonight? [everybody laughs]

Rayna: Sure. What are you treating me to? [more laughter]

Otho: I’ll pass.

Lon: Me, too. How can we top those questions?

GT-Closing: Thank you, all, for our time together. Morgan, Otho, Lon, and Rayna are the featured characters in “The Ruler of the Galaxy” by Moses Solomon. Excerpts from the book are on the Writing tab.


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