I Am Not a Spacepunk(?)

We’re pleased to welcome our first guest blogger, Morgan Teggo, the navigator and 2nd officer of the Imperial cruiser, Ocelot, who will be writing on famous “spacepunks” of Eurania.


I hate the term “spacepunk,” and I hate being called one.  Just because I came from a rough background doesn’t make me anti-authority.  I happened to take jobs where I worked for shady characters whose names don’t deserve mention.  I didn’t know any better, since my father died when I was young.  No excuses; those are just the facts.  These bosses weren’t “authorities” in any respectable manner, enforcing production by gunpoint and broquian knuckles.  Every week at Toquit’s scrap yard, half a dozen workers left for the hospital, and new replacements took their place.  It was better at Moriza’s Salvage – only two or three casualties a week.  But, I never went out of my way to undermine anyone’s authority, no matter how much I hated them.  No passive-aggressive clothing, either.  I just did my job, until it was my turn to be made an example of.  They never gave a reason, other than that your work was like shat’oq.  Who could blame a guy for taking off for greener pastures?  (Or for making a bloody mess of the boss’ face, on his way out?)

No, I made it into space legitimately, testing into the military academy and graduating as a full-fledged officer.  So, I might still get on my Captain’s bad side once in a while, and I hate it, but it’s still better than the scrap metalworks.  And I still don’t undermine anyone’s authority.

But enough about me.  As I understand it, “spacepunks” usually hop transports, get jettisoned because they’re a nuisance to society, or desert their ships when things got too rough (or boring).  That will never happen to me, if I can help it.  But, there are some notable characters from Euranian history, like Zacque Goderre, or Dr. Wink Imhot (yes, ‘punks are not always young and aimless), and few remember that Celesta Timur prevailed in spite of her rebellious start.  In the very end, they all turned respectable.  So, what’s so bad about being labeled a “spacepunk,” then?  These were all people who had nothing handed to them and had to claw and scrape for their success.  Well, maybe I do have something in common with them, after all.

Well, that’s 350, so I’m out of space.  Hope you found that informative.  Maybe the SysOp can locate some writing sample from one of the stories about Goderre, Imhot, or Timur for you, sometime, and you can see for yourselves what they’re like.


Well, that was an interesting experience.  The management will consider reader feedback in evaluating future opportunities for guest bloggers.


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