Wild Days of Wieren

We’re pleased to welcome our next guest blogger, Otho Ennuk, the weapons officer and 3rd officer of the Imperial cruiser, Ocelot.


It’s ironic that I’m in charge of firing the weapons on the Ocelot.  Back on Wieren, I did assorted work that required carrying arms of one kind or another.  My first job was on a large ranch, a lone fourteen-year-old leading chonquet herds from one feeding field to another.  The six-legged steer were big, slow, and just-plain clumsy.  When one stumbled on a hidden rock or a hole in the ground, or just got a leg caught in a tangle of tall grass, the weak and feeble among them would trip all over each other in a stuck pile like cascading dominos.  Then, the wovren would bound out from behind the boulders, and it was up to me to pick them all off before my charge-paks emptied.  The first time, I killed over fifty of those hounds and when it was over, my rifle was down to maybe one or two shots left.  I was shaking so hard I couldn’t right a single steer and had to just wait for them to they pick themselves back up.  After that, I was okay, but it didn’t take me long to look for another job.

Which was more gun-toting work, escorting shipments of dirium from the mines, through the bandit-controlled Puor canyons, to the spaceport at Fashal.  Now, I was shooting at humans, not animals.  And, they carried arms, too.  The first time we came under attack, I was shot in the stomach and I thought I was going to die.  So, I released the last charge-pak from my gun and hurled it into the middle of their formation of scrap-pile skimmers.  I just wanted to take as many of them with me as I could.  I heard the blast, and some screams, I think, and that’s all I remember.  Somehow, someone took me to the hospital at Fashal, and that’s where I recovered.

I guess being that close to the end somehow hardened me.  It took the fear out of me.  After that, I took each new job as just that – a job, able to toss out jokes about how my life would be on the line, again.  And again.  And again.


Note that the Galactic Times does not officially or unofficially endorse any particular policies advocating or restricting access to, or the use of, firearms in Eurania.  The management will consider reader feedback in evaluating future opportunities for guest bloggers.


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