The Religious Order

We’re pleased to welcome our next guest blogger, Lon Prowzi, a demolitions officer from the Imperial cruiser, Ocelot.


I was asked to write about my experiences growing up at the Tiam Temple on Sestia.  I was an abandoned baby, left on the front door steps of the temple, for the monks to take in.  I never knew my mother or father.  Instead, I got to know the beliefs and practices of the clergy.

Much of what takes place within the private residences of the Temple remain private, so I will not divulge those details, here.  Just know that it is a simple life, centered about the never-ending study and worship of the Euranian Ancestors, the source of all higher life.  Necessary activities, just as growing food and cleaning the temple, are incorporated into the daily lives of the monks.  But, the non-essentials of the secular, outside world, have no place within the walls of the temple.  That was the way it had been, and that is still the way it is, even now.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Euranian Ancestors, I have received permission to offer you a brief excerpt from an old story, one that took place approximately 1500 years ago, during the days of the Etolian empire.  In those days of Eurania’s golden age, the worship of Lord Oscanos, Mother Gheriah, and the Three Guardians was much more prevalent than it is, today.  So, I hope that this short passage will help enlighten you, if only in a superficial, introductory way.  (Note that we have preserved some of the ancient spellings.)

As one’s eyes open, the realities of that which is outside the body may enter.


Note that the Galactic Times does not officially or unofficially endorse or prohibit any particular religious belief in Eurania, not even that of the Official Temple of Oscanos and Gheriah on Kelova.  The management will consider reader feedback in evaluating future opportunities for guest bloggers.


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