The Galactic Revolutions: the hidden story

Six hundred years of Saolian occupation—the Dark Age of Eurania—and the memories of the golden age of the ancient Etolian empire had long since faded into a collection of tales. Myths. Legends.

The Galactic Revolutions was not a single rebellion. Even the historians have not reached consensus on an agreed-upon opening salvo.

The war started small with guerilla raids in the Outer Territories. Notably absent from the list of outlying fighters were the miners of Belaan. Among the most distant of the Eurania worlds, the mysterious Belaanians remained quiet, silent, and invisible for over two decades while battles erupted all along the perimeter of the star cluster.

As the Saolians conscripted more and more central Euranians into their military ranks to battle the tribes from the Outer Territories, new rebellions broke out—this time on the core worlds of Sestia, Bexel, Breame, Kearo, and Alscras. With multiple brushfires to combat on multiple fronts, the Saolians could only signal the faraway Fembournian star cluster—their home—and await reinforcements. But even if support embarked on the long journey, the help would not be in time. After a decade, a new movement, the Revolutionary Guard of Pharry, led by Chairman Rai Ostarand, entered the war, slaughtering the backpedaling Saolians without mercy. After six hundred years of occupation, the weight of foreign domination was finally overthrown.

In its place was a mighty star horde, a new terror. The Revolutionary Guard swept across central Eurania, destroying one planet after another, eventually driving out into the Outer Territories—until they reached Belaan, and the mysterious fighting force that would finally bring the Revolutions to its end.

“The Terror of Mapooly,” a new novella, tells the hidden story of the closing days of the Galactic Revolutions, and the secret that was redacted from the public accounts of the final battle.

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