Moses Solomon, our SysOp, is the pseudonym of an aspiring author. His first book, currently in search of an agent, is set in Eurania, at the edge of the Great Nebula.

“The Ruler of the Galaxy” layers the grand adventure of classic science fiction/space opera with deeper human themes, such as the ever-changing dynamics of a committed relationship, and the timeless questions of existence. Where did we come from, and where do we go when we die?  As Morgan Teggo and Rayna Choff travel across Eurania, in service of their monarch, they encounter people and forces that evoke these questions.

from Chapter 17 of “The Ruler of the Galaxy” by Moses Solomon:

“Luzomi is very sly, very subtle. The depictions of artists over the millennia have over-dramatized his presence in our midst – he is not the reptilian being that we are familiar with. We believe he was co-created with the universe, itself, and transits between physical and energy states.”

Morgan’s ears perked up. Finally, here was a rational, plausible theory on “Luzomi,” not the usual mystical lore. He watched Monseigneur Navilla as the clergyman delved into previously undisclosed details.

“We can never be sure when he is in our midst,” Navilla explained, “unless he has captured someone’s soul and taken over that person. But, he can also influence our minds and our emotions without taking control. He can plant suggestions and heighten fear and panic. Scripture tells us that, as he was co-creator of the human race, he intends to subjugate us.”

Morgan paused, unsure if he heard correctly. Lord Walmsley’s people believed as the Luzomi worshippers did – that Luzomi, not Oscanos, created the human race?

“Lord Walmsley,” the Princess said, quietly and carefully.  She sat stiffly, obviously still injured.  “I have reason to believe that we are on the verge of fulfillment of that very prophecy. I fear that Luzomi’s offensive may be starting within the empire.”

Morgan stared at the Princess in apprehension. She was laying it all out for everyone, crazy as it may have sounded.

“You defeated General Mapooly once before,” the Princess continued, “I have heard that it was a terrible battle involving the forces of light and dark. If it is true that Mapooly has been raised by the forces of Luzomi, you may be our only hope.”

Lord Walmsley began trembling. His nurse, seeing the readings on her monitor, stepped over to calm him.

Morgan looked at Rayna. Somehow, she – and her very nature as a human – was in the middle of all this. He sized up the feeble, decorated man that the Princess had laid the burden upon. Could Lord Walmsley help? Could anyone help Rayna?

“If what you believe…true…” Walmsley stopped. “…we will all…have to pray…for mercy…”


Additional excerpts are available on the Writing page.